Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Inaugurated 3 Day Expo

News Desk, News Nation 360 : After a resounding success of the first leg of its initiative of setting up Experience Centres in select factory locations last year, HCCB (Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages), one of India’s top FMCG companies, has brought the Experience Center to Jalpaiguri this year. The temporary expo has been set up at Jalpaiguri, where the company’s factory is located. The 3-day expo is set to engage and train thousands of people into skill building, good ways of waste management, digital skills, new methods of fruit growing and much more. Visitors will also have a chance to get to know more about HCCB, its products, and its manufacturing practices. Besides, visitors to the expo stand to win loads of prizes and a cloth bag each, which is in response to the Govt’s focus on doing away with single-use plastic bags. The company also showcases several initiatives which are inspired by India. Drawing inspiration from the country’s age-old practices of recycling and reuse, HCCB highlights its initiatives to collect and recover all kinds of plastics and recycle them into clothes, jackets, T-shirts, shoes, furniture, toys etc. through authorised agencies. Building on the theme, the company has created a section where through gamification people could learn about segregation of waste at source, a major environmental challenge. The gamification zone is aimed at enabling and educating people to take care of their surroundings and contribute to the cleanliness drive. Speaking about the unique initiative, Kamlesh Sharma, Chief Communications Officer, HCCB said that while people around their factories have always had the opportunity to visit their factories by appointment and learn about the engineering and technology; every once a year, we look to give them a wider exposure to their organisation and the latest that is happening in the country. This is done in a carnival-like set-up, open to everybody, across ages. While children come to learn and understand concepts, adults are trained on ways of sustainable living, use of digital mediums, employable skills etc. They are hoping that over the next 3 days, people in Jalpaiguri will come and have a gala time, ahead of the New Year, and win lots of prizes, as well. The journey for the visitors at the Experience Centre, however, begins with a brand immersion where the company’s anthem created by one of India’s greatest musical maestro, Dr Ilaiyaraaja, is played in the background. The music that represents the new India, catches the attention of all the moment they enter the Experience Centre.

Report : Anustup Kundu


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