West Bengal Cold Storage Association Organised 56th Annual General Meeting

News Desk, News Nation 360 : West Bengal Cold Storage Association is the only active Association of Cold Storages in West Bengal. This year the 56th Annual General Meeting was held at The Lake Land Country Club, Howrah. Presently more than 90% of Cold Storages in the State are members of this Association and it is the largest and only recognized body of such units in the State. On this occasion, Tarun Kanti Ghosh, President of West Bengal Cold Storage Association highlighted that the area under cultivation of potato is on the rise and the cold storage units will continue to play a pivotal role in marketing the product, but distorted information about estimated balance stock of potato in cold storages at the end of the season resulting in distress sale has been a matter of concern for potato season 2020. He requested the authorities to consider balanced cultivation of potato to maintain a check on production, consumption and preservation. He estimated production of more than 110 lakh ton potato in the current season; domestic consumption in West Bengal being 65 lakh ton the balance stock needed to be marketed outside the state. To ensure a balanced market condition he requested the authorities to maintain release of the stored stock at a uniform rate of 12% in each month during the unloading period. He recommended collection and analysis of pan India comprehensive data on cultivation, harvesting, storage & marketing for the formulation of necessary action plan and monitoring the stock situation on a real-time basis. In view of the periodical rise in input cost and cost of capital for cold storages, demand was placed for raising cold storage rent to Rs 180/-per quintal because cold storage rent in other potato producing states varies from Rs 220/- to Rs 250/- per quintal. Further, it was suggested that cold storage rent calculation should be based on 90% storage capacity instead of 100% storage capacity as utilization of 100% capacity is rarely experienced. He also requested the intervention of the authorities for publishing the rates for Panchayat tax & Trade License fees for different areas. This Annual General meeting was inaugurated by the Chief Guest - Tapan Dasgupta, Hon'ble MIC Department of Agricultural Marketing Govt. of WB & was attended by Tarun Kanti Ghosh, President of West Bengal Cold Storage Association, Rajesh Kumar Bansal, Vice President of West Bengal Cold Storage Association; Sri Patit Paban De, Past President of WBCSA. The above-mentioned guests took the lead to convey their concern for the industry.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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