Green Pari Supported a Little Project With Big Dream for the Special Children

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Choti si Asha : A project initiated by Lotus Rescue to acknowledge and encourage the special children of the society. The organization has recently started with 10 special children - among them, there are 4children with borderline autism, 2 children with severe autism, and 4 children with down syndrome. The children are given special classes where they are made to learn and write, the children are trained to participate in different activities too. Recently the organization celebrated world autism day with the help of the Rotaract Club of Calcutta endeavor, where the children participated in a small drawing competition. Green Pari played a major role in the development of Choti si Asha, the classroom for the special children was set by them. While talking about the development of Choti si Asha the founder - Ruplekha Sinha Roy extended her gratitude to A Jhunjhunwala, Manisha, and Brajesh Dhandhania for supporting Choti Si Asha. She said it would have never been possible without their help. Ruplekha Sinharoy (founder, president) said when spoken about the initiative said that all children are the same to her. In her classroom, they don’t see disability but motivation and inspiration so one will not see special needs children but a teacher who meets the needs of the special angels.

Report : Anustup Kundu