Adamas University Sets Standards in HR Practices

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Kolkata-based private university, Adamas University, ranked by several media organizations as the best privately managed university in Eastern India, set high standards in human resources best practices through its Adamas Dialogue 2020 program held for its faculty and non-teaching members, numbering more than 600. This was the first-ever intra-university employee dialogue where HR best practices were given due recognition, a gesture unprecedented by any educational institute in Eastern India. The future plans of expansion were also unravelled by the Chancellor making the full and best use of the 130 acres of land of the campus, only half of which has been utilized so far. On a day marked with several interesting dance, music, poetry recitation performances by the team including those from the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor as well, the University promoted 15% of its faculty members on a single day and awarded 42 of its total staff members for excellent work during the tough pandemic year of 2020 in different functional areas from teaching-mentoring, research, support functions, leadership, et al. The Vice-Chancellor elucidated upon the Adamas 2.0 plans focussing on new specialized programs of education, a hedgehog strategy to focus on core strengths and build on them, and a positive leadership approach that upholds gratitude and recognition at every level of work. Prof Samit Ray, Chancellor said that Adamas Dialogue will now on be an annual affair through which the university will remember all good work done collectively and individually by the members of the teaching and non-teaching fraternity here in the year gone by, a roadmap for the next year will be discussed, and promotions and rewards for excellence announced, and it is evolving to be a best practice in Human Resources in higher education in India. Interestingly, the University announced the implementation of medical insurance, provident fund and gratuity for all full-time staff members, now that the university has completed five years of operation and in the sixth year currently.

Report : Anustup Kundu

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