Amar Kolkata - a Bengali single by Vivek Kumar 

Amar Kolkata Inlay.jpeg

News Desk, News Nation 360: Asha Audio Company is immensely proud to release ‘Amar Kolkata’, a Bengali single by Vivek Kumar. The song is unique in many ways: it has been set to music and sung by a civil servant and not a professional musician. The singer sang in Bengali although his mother tongue is Hindi. Based on Vivek Kumar’s visual imagery and thoughts, the lyrics have been written by Smt. Subrata Ghosh Roy in a unique way, different from the usual format of Bangla adhunik gaan. The meter and rhythm inherent in the lyrics, not only reflect the lyricist’s talent but also give the song an earthy tempo. Kunal Chakraborty has made the musical arrangements based on Vivek’s music score and direction. The backing vocals/ chorus are also done by Vivek. According to Vivek Kumar, the song is an ode to the humane character and unique qualities of the city of Kolkata, which constantly renews itself without giving up on its famed compassion, inclusiveness and tolerance. This is a tribute straight from his heart to a city that he has come to love. Although it is difficult to convey this city’s indescribable charm in the space of a three-minute song, he is confident this song has enough of Kolkata in it to touch every listener deeply. Kolkata, being the capital and the face of Bengal, this song, in a way, is also a tribute to West Bengal. Vivek Kumar is currently posted as Additional Chief Secretary in the Government of West Bengal. He is a recipient of the State’s Rajya Sangit Samman. 

Report : Anustup Kundu