Amway Stated about their Business Continuity

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The global pandemic has affected economies around the world. However, with every passing day, the world is now turning from “resilience” to “return”. During these difficult times, for them at Amway India, the safety of their consumers and micro-entrepreneurs (direct sellers)  has become even more critical than ever before. With this, it is equally important to come up with solutions that will help accelerate the revival of their economy. Recently, evolving consumer needs and market evolution have led them to drive innovations across products and processes. As one of the country’s largest FMCG direct selling companies, Amway India is uniquely placed to address evolving consumer demands, real-time. A couple of trends that they have witnessed recently regarding the demand of products include : Accelerated demand for immunity boosting and hygiene products: COVID-19 has augmented the demand for immunity-enhancing products, home disinfectants, and personal hygiene essentials. They are also witnessing a surge in demand for immunity-boosting and hygiene products and have aligned all supply chain actions to fulfil these requirements. They have observed a spike in the sale of immunity supporting SKUs by almost 3 times, including the herbal range supporting immunity and respiratory health. Some of the products include Nutrilite Tulsi, Nutrilite Natural C, Pursue Disinfectant, Persona Soap, amongst others. Pre-empting rise in demand for immunity and hygiene products, they are gearing up to ramp up production of these SKUs by 4 times in the coming months and maintain the product availability to 95%. They are working round-the-clock with their supply chain partners and distribution teams and also expedited supplies of raw materials and components, from both local as well global as sources, to ensure consistent product supply. Additionally, They have also enhanced manufacturing capacity at contract partners to ensure adequate supply. With these initiatives, they have been able to maintain high product availability of 98% through the ongoing health crisis. Recognizing the need for agile business solutions: To meet the immediate consumer need and demand, in the last few months they introduced a unique product Persona Hand Sanitizer Gel and supplied a total of 4.5L units within a span of 30 days. Currently, they are also assessing the supply of Immunity boosting products to potential markets globally. 

Report : Anustup Kundu

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