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News Desk, News Nation  360:  Top Food Bloggers Awards, a platform initiated and organised by Candid Communication & Sidd's Hospitality with the aim to honour and celebrate the excellent work of the young and vibrant social influencers and bloggers, had an exclusive and interactive Panel Discussion Session on The Usage of preservatives in food - Saving from wastage or harming health? at Soul The Sky Lounge. The occasion was graced by Muralikrishnan, Chief Brand Officer, Wow! Momo, Priyanka M, Celebrity Chef & Consultant and Indroneel Mukherjee, Fashion Designer in Conversation with Paromita Ghosh, Director, Candid Communication as  well  as Ankur Siddiqui, Director of

Sidd’s Hospitality along with some of the Senior Bloggers of the city Indrajit Lahiri, Rukshana A. Kapadia, Poorna Banerjee & Luna Chatterjee. The food industry around us is changing at an incredible speed, and thus the industry keeps on evolving. The growth in technology has indeed had a notable impact on how and what we eat.  Moreover, with improved standards of living, many young professionals have begun to experiment in their eating habits. Paromita Ghosh, Director, Candid Communication, told, she believes that bloggers bind the society together and blogging has emerged as the new trend in today's food industry. Preservatives in foods are designed to prevent bacteria growth, spoilage and food separation, but not all preservatives are good for you. The effects of food preservatives vary. Depending on someone's age and health, but the negative effects of some preservatives are worth considering when someone eats processed foods. They hope that they are able to change perceptions with this session and are glad that they learnt something new and interesting. Ankur Siddiqui, Director of Sidd’s Hospitality, told food originality and the natural source it generates from is been tampered with and is of grave concern as it is happening globally. As dedicated members of the society, it is their duty to address the issue and take meaningful insights from industry experts and bloggers as they certainly owe this much to the society and future generations to come. They are glad that they have had a promising turn out for this discussion. The session concluded on different perspectives and insights from the thought leaders of the food industry to lead any change with more conviction and confidence as well as improve eating lifestyle for a healthy future.

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Report: Anustup Kundu


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