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The Second Part Of ‘Matri Bandana’, A Podcast Announced By Asha Audio Company

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News Desk, News Nation 360: Asha Audio announced the second part of ‘Marti Bandana’, stotram and narration podcast in the presence of Jayati Chakraborty, Pratyush Banerjee, Indrani Chakraborty and Souvik Guha Sarkar. Narration and vocal are by Jayati Chakraborty, the music designed by Prattyush Banerjee, the podcast script is designed by Souvik Guha Sarkar and the creative consultant is Idrani Chakraborti. The first part was released on 2nd October 2023. After the grand success of ‘Matri Bandana’ Part One, the second part will be released on the auspicious day of Mahalaya by taking the blessings of Maa Durga. Since the times of Mahabharata, Devi Durga has been worshipped as a source of eternal power, who conquers and defeats evil forces. Her power and blessings work through every woman who struggles to establish herself in this society.  Glory be to Maa Durga! Mahishasuramardini! Apeksha Lahiri, Asha Audio Company stated that this Puja, Asha Audio brings the listeners a new and captivating podcast. The first project ‘Matri Bandana’ is dedicated to Maa Durga and all the women of the world who struggle for existence everywhere. They are very enthusiastic about their new initiative the Podcast and the first presentation, ‘Matri Bandana’. This is a completely new genre than the previous works Asha Audio has done in the last 24 years. They got a huge response after releasing the first part. They are hopeful that people will also accept the second one this way. 

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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