BBIT Public School Organised Anti-Addiction Campaign

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : The reality of youth drug use defies all stereotypes. Youth drug use rates are more or less consistently high across all gender, racial and ethnic, income, and geographic boundaries. It is critically important that primary prevention efforts address all young people as well as the adults who influence them, in order to spread awareness about substance abuse, the BBIT Public School has come forward to initiate their “Anti Addiction Campaign”. To encourage children towards leading a healthy life against addiction of all sorts and every harmful trend and also to highlight the role of peer pressure and herd approach in all this. BBIT Public School had arranged for an interactive session with K.K Gupta, Vice Chairman, BBIT Public School, Dr Munmun Nath, Principal, BBIT Public School & Tollywood Actor and Activist Bobby Chakraborty along with other salient members of the school. The winners of the AAC (organised by Actor and Activist Bobby Chakraborty) 347 Soujany, Nirmalya and Rupam along with winners of AAC 348 Sneha, Naznin and Ritama were felicitated on that

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day along with the winners of AAC 362 Aqsha, Jennies and Neha. Speaking on the Initiative K.K Gupta, Vice Chairman, BBIT Public School said that drug abuse is harmful at any age, but spreading awareness about drug use is crucial for controlling overall drug use and abuse. Teachers, mentors, coaches, older siblings, and a wide variety of other people can and do have a critical impact on children's behaviour. They help to guide the development of young people, not only through their actions as role models but also through the recommendations, instruction, and encouragement they provide. The campaign can cultivate a key drug-prevention resource by motivating and assisting youth-influential adults to encourage positive youth development and discourage drug use. He is extremely glad that their school has come forward with such an initiative. He would also like to thank Bobby Chakraborty who has carried out campaigns like this in more than 350 schools and colleges all around the world for felicitating their students with awards contributing to their society in such a noble way. The BBIT Public School is committed to the holistic development and well-being of the children entering its gates. The “Anti Addiction Campaign” that had been organized is an interactive educational project to affirm and reinforce the anti-addiction attitude of children who are not involved in drug use than to persuade experienced drug users to change their behaviour. The main objective of this “Anti Addiction Campaign” was to ensure that it creates awareness among children to help prevent drug use before it starts.

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Report : Anustup Kundu