Anubhobe Audio Visual Single by

Raja Kaasheff and Rubayyat Jahan

News Desk, News Nation 360: Recently, renowned Singer and Composer Duo Raja Kaasheff and Rubayyat Jahan came in Kolkata to promote their Latest Bengali Audio Single Album Anubhobe. The Singer and Composer are from United Kingdom but they are trying to promote the Bengali Melodious Songs all over the World. Rubayyat Jahan is a Bangladeshi Singer and she is a perfectionist in Bengali Classical, Semi-Classical and Folk songs. Raja Kaasheff is a renowned Music Composer from United Kingdom, and he is a student of renowned Bollywood Composers Kalyan Ji-Anand Ji. This duo is trying to mix old Bollywood tunes from ’70s, ’80s, ’90s with their Latest Bengali Songs. They are trying to create Bengali Songs into a one-of-its-kind version for the listeners. Already, their new Bengali Songs which lyrics had been written by Bangladeshi Renowned Lyricists are popular among the listeners. They have already composed music on Bangladeshi Films, has created many Audio Visuals. The songs are different from the monotonous Bangladeshi Tune, and they have tried to create that Bangladeshi Songs into one-of-its-kind songs which attracted the Bangladeshi Listeners. The Album Anubhobe is a completely Love Song which they are going to release recently. The lyricist of Anubhobe is Kabir Bakul and Director of

this album is Chandan Roy Chowdhury. Raja Kaasheff and Rubayyat Jahan said in an interview in Kolkata that they are curious to perform a Stage Performance in Kolkata and they are eager to compose music in Bengali Film Industry of Kolkata. After Anubhobe, they have so many pending latest Bengali Songs which they will release shortly because they want to spread Bengali Songs into a new version to all over the world’s Bengalee People and to capture a place in the World for Bengali Songs.

Pic: Krishnendu Kundu

Report: Anustup Kundu

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