Avanse Financial Services partners with NGOs to make quality education accessible for deserving underserved students

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News Desk, News Nation 360: Avanse Financial Services Ltd, India’s new age, education-focused NBFC has partnered with three NGOs – MelJol, Samarthanam and Muktangan to fulfil the dreams of deserving underserved Indian students. This initiative has been designed to impact thousands of lives during its course. The organization curated the bridge to lend its support to students, specially-abled children and community teachers. The community teachers will be prepared to then reach out to a larger student base. Amit Gainda, CEO, Avanse Financial Services stated that being a responsible organization, Avanse Financial Services looks beyond just the profitable growth of the company and focuses on achieving holistic growth for the larger community it operates in. They understand the importance of education and how it is a primary requisite for every individual to achieve a promising future. As an education-focused NBFC, they are committed to partner with the ecosystem to make quality education accessible for every deserving underserved  

Indian student. They are proud to be associated with MelJol, Samarthanam and Muktangan as they have been doing incredible work in supporting the underprivileged community. They are confident that their collaborative approach and collective efforts will create a stronger impact in the lives of these deserving students.

Report : Anustup Kundu