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Barfi's Director Shouvik Dey Made Allegations Against Actor Kaushik Sen of Violating Contract


News Desk, News Nation 360 : Demands for dues or shooting-related complaints are not new in Tollywood. However, this time director Shouvik Dey brought a different type of complaint. Actor Kaushik Sen, a well-known name in Tollywood, is targeted by the director. Kaushik played the lead role in Shauvik's 'Barfi'. The release of the film is imminent. But the director claims that Kaushik did not participate in the promotion of this film. The crew of the film 'Barfi' was present at the press conference on Tuesday to talk about this. Shouvik explained that his film will be released next month. Kaushik Sen is in the lead role in the film. But he is not willing to be a part of the promotion of the film. This can damage his film. Shouvik completed the shooting of this film in January. He also stated that he has paid him the day the shooting got over. He is a great and versatile actor. He agreed to act because he liked the script. Even after that, he couldn't understand why he did this. He asked him for two days. But Kaushik Sen said that he doesn't even participate in the promotion of the film of the first-class directors of the industry. But if it continues to happen with new directors, it is a loss for Bengali cinema. However, Kaushik Sen was called but did not pick up. Kaushik's brief response to the matter on WhatsApp was he had nothing to say. Due to the pressure of professional and personal work, he could not stay in the promotion of this film.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu

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