Behind the Mask is Coming Soon

News Desk, News Nation 360: Direct Abhishek Tewari's new film from the house of Kaveesh Entertainment Behind the Mask is coming soon. This film is based on a different love story. This story tells that love and relationship can't stay inside a barrier of status or caste. This is a feeling of beyond barrier and love is love, a pure feeling or state of mind. This feeling can be used to improve one or can be misused, depending on a particular person. Few can fight back, few can't. This story tells how to fight back for self-respect and to get back what he/she deserves. The story and screenplay have been written by Director Abhishek Tewari. Behind the mask is featuring actress Sneha Mukherjee and Model Shabar Narayan Misra. Shooting has been done in Bankura. Nabarun Dasgupta has lent his voice in this film. The film will release on this upcoming 17th September 2020. 

Report : Anustup Kundu

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