Bengal Crime is Coming Soon in Aakash Aath

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Crime has introduced himself as the basic thing in today's society. Every day, someone is committing a crime somewhere and this is resulting the fear which is growing stronger than before in the human mind. Greediness, Jealousy, Anger are the basic factors to commit a crime. Aakash Aath has tried to create awareness regarding various types of crime with their popular show - Police Files and to maintain the awareness creating initiative, they are bringing Crime for their viewers. The two programmes are only the visualisation of Crimes but Bengal Crime is completely different from Police Files. Bengal Crime is only a work, done by taking inspiration from Real Incident, not the visualisation of Actual incident. The host of this show is Rajesh Sharma, who is a renowned and successful actor. He accepted this offer just to spread the good and effective message through this show. The concept of this show was thought and implemented by the Director of Aakash Aath Eashita Surana. She said that as Crime  

incident serials are always based on true incidents. They are trying to figure out the good and effective message from the true incidents and to show it to the viewers. In West Bengal, crime on women are increasing day by day. This needs to be stopped and to spread awareness against this crime. With Bengal Crime, people will be conscious. They will be alert. Their aim to create awareness and make people alert.

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Report : Anustup Kundu


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