Berger Paints Supplied Antimicrobial Powder Coating to Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Berger Paints India Limited, the second-largest paint company in India has offered its Antimicrobial Powder Coatings for usage in the medical industry to restrict the spread of infection as much as possible. They have associated with various suppliers of the hospital furniture industry and are currently supplying the product in the states of Odisha, Telengana, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Commenting on this innovation, Abhijit Roy, Managing Director and CEO of Berger Paints said that the uniqueness and relevance of Antimicrobial coating is that it prevents the microbial growth and does not allow propagation further to adjacent areas. The product requires minimal maintenance and when applied the surface does not require periodical sanitization. This product is also effective when applied on household items, metal furniture, home appliances thus increasing its utility beyond the medical industry. They assure to constantly engage in product innovations to increase the safety of their customers. Currently, they have already started marketing in the South & East and soon to foray in other areas. This innovative product has been tested at a UK based lab and provides an extra shield against the spread of harmful bacteria and microbes. The Antimicrobial Powder Coating works on the platform of active silver ions technology that inhibits bacterial and microbial spread through a mechanism of constant controlled release of silver ions and remains active for years. These coated surfaces require minimal maintenance, just regular wiping with a clean moist cloth. At present, the product is available under the brands QualiCoat & UltraCoat which are for Interior use (Epoxy Polyester Hybrid chemistry) while PermaCoat and Duraberg can also be used for exterior surfaces (Pure Polyester Chemistry) like garden furniture, metro rail door frames, automotive accessories etc. These products are available in ready solid shades and metallic finishes with the provision for customized shades to suit demand.

Report : Anustup Kundu

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