Bengal Society of Haematology (BSH) organized  5th Annual conference BeSHCON 2020

News Desk, News Nation 360: Bengal Society of Haematology (BSH) organized 5th Annual conference BeSHCON 2020 from 14th to 16th February to discuss different issues related to blood disorders. Apart from discussions around different scientific researches and developments made in the field of Haematology; this year we have introduced another initiative, Haem-Anjali as a part of the conference. Haem-Anjali has emerged from our need to engage in dialogues that will define newer contours of ethical and equitable medical services. Haematology – Breaking Boundaries, the theme for this conference has been planned with the objective of reducing distances between disciplines by initiating a dialogue between them on one hand and addressing the relationship between the doctor and patient on the other. This year they have a particular focus on blurring the rather strong line existing

between doctor and patient. Successful treatment requires a relationship of trust between doctors and patients. Haem-Anjali is an attempt to address this relationship, to draw new contours of this relationship by putting doctors & patients on one side of the table and the disease being treated on the other. Changing the lens of looking at and positioning doctor & patient is crucial because both doctors and patients are together in their fight against the disease and hence it is imperative that they should be on the same side. It requires doctors and patients to be linked in the bonding of trust to successfully fight against these killer blood diseases. Their experience has repeatedly shown us that their relationship with their patients is the key to successful treatment. A press conference was held at the seminar, where Dr Tufan Kanti Dalui, Dr Maitree Bhattacharjee, Dr Rajib Dey, Dr Prakash Kumar Mallick, Dr Prantar Chakraborty told, this is to remind ourselves that they, doctors and patients do not stand in opposition, they are together in a journey from disease to well being. It is a collective journey and this year they have invited patients, their families and organizations working with patients to be part of their conference. Haem-Anjali is their way of reclaiming relationships with patients to ensure that together they can fight haematological disorders by breaking boundaries.

Pic: Krishnendu Kundu

Report: Anustup Kundu

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