Best Friend Society Celebrated Blind Couple Wedding Ceremony

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Best Friendz Society an NGO in Kolkata have been working for this project Kanyadaan for about 8 years from now jointly initiated by The President Rajiv Lodha and Rajat Lodha, a member of the Advisory Team. Anjali & Sanjib are two such special couples who like normal people dreamt of having a good married life. But the uncertainty was this that they both cannot see the world with their own eyes. Best friendz is supporting the marriage of this couple, who lives in the Homes of Premaseee in Ghatak Pukur, to make their dreams come true. Papia Adhikary, well-known cine star is one of the advisory members of Best friendz. She also took out her precious time to come and bless the couple. Similarly like her Suchetana De, Theather artist, Moinak Mandal, Sathi Satpathi & Ajanta Panda

Winners of Launcherz King Queen 2019 were present at the press conference. According to the trio (Moinak, Sathi & Ajanta), young enthusiast like them should

participate more and more and volunteer for such activities. Helping is part of life and it creates a philanthropist within everyone. A cheque of Rs. 35,000/- was gifted to the couples for their healthy and happy livelihood. Other than these members also presented a token of gifts from their end to the couple who will tieing their knot on 15th Dec 2019. 

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu


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