BharatBenz Launches India’s First 5228TT on a 4x2 Tractor

News Desk, News Nation 360: Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) has launched its next-generation heavy-duty BharatBenz tractor-trailer. The 5228TT model comes with the highest GCW available on a 4x2 tractor possible up to 54T. The product is unique as it provides the benefits of a tractor-trailer but with a decreased total cost of ownership thanks in part to its unique axle configuration. The vehicle’s hub reduction axle and sturdier frame allow the truck to offer the load-bearing capacity of a 6x4 tractor, but with lower fuel consumption. The 5228T offers a wider range of GCW options; starting with a pure mechanical suspension on the trailer capable of 51T GCW suited for off-road terrains and reaching up to 54T GCW when used along with air suspension combinations; which is positioned for on road-long haul applications. The vehicle has four less tyres than its 55-tonne counterpart and offers mileage on par with a 6x4 tractor. The 5228TT can carry 5-8 tonnes more

based on the trailer combination compared to a conventional 4x2 tractor. The vehicle is equipped with an OM 926 BS-VI 280 HP engine with a peak torque of 1100 Nm, fitted with a 9-speed gearbox and a hub reduction axle. It can clock a top speed of 80 km/h and has a fuel tank capacity of 455 litres. Rajaram Krishnamurthy, Vice President Marketing & Sales and Customer Services, DICV, told their new BharatBenz 52 tonner sets higher benchmarks for the tractor-trailer segment with improved revenue, fuel efficiency, safety and connectivity. The unique axle configuration allows it to carry loads far above competitors in the same grade. Customers will rethink their traditional buying decisions once they see the TCO this vehicle offers.  

Pic: Courtesy

Report: Anustup Kundu

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