Binge Baefikar Launched Monsoon Magic

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Monsoon season implies an overcast sky and a romantic drizzle. Steaming mugs of ginger-infused chai and piping hot snacks might be all that comes to mind as one soaks in the rain-drenched surroundings and the shifting greys of the monsoon skies. What better way to tickle the taste buds this monsoon season than snacking with tasty hot samosa and sipping in piping hot tea. If one is vegan and prefer a dose of nutrition, then celebrate this monsoon with vegan tea and piping hot baked samosa from Binge Baefikar. This Monsoon fare is available throughout the monsoon season and will be available for few days till the demand is there. Binge Baefikar has launched its Monsoon Magic treat with Vegan Chai(tea), the nourishing tea prepared with almond milk exclusively by Binge Baefikar. The vegan chai(tea)  comes without sugar or sugar-free combination and can be flavoured with honey if one orders especially to make their monsoon tea more thrilling. The healthy food brand also launched its monsoon special snack Baked Samosa of whole-wheat and baked with almost zero oil.  The stuffing is made tasty and invigorating with a mix of Potato, pea, nuts complemented with an earthy aroma of dry-roasted ground cumin and coriander spices and flavoured with dry mango seeds powder (aamchur).  The combo is priced at Rs 430 and one can have invigorating monsoon treat “Baked samosa” in a pack of triplets at Rs 130  whereas vegan tea is priced at Rs 300. All these food items are available through swiggy and zomato. Binge Baefikar – the city-based healthy food brand, introduced in November 2019 by Anisha Mohta, a young food entrepreneur, offers food striking the right balance between taste and nutrition.  Binge Baefikar had launched its cloud kitchen in presence of celebrated actor Prasenjit in the Tollygunge area. Operating through Cloud Kitchen format, Binge Baefikar as it suggests aptly serves the needs of those foodies in Kolkata who like binge eating but want to shift to healthy eating thus enhancing their health quotient. The fare includes options that are free from gluten, butter, sugar, and dairy. The brand has developed curated recipes for those following Keto, Vegan, and Gluten-Free diets as well.

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Report : Anustup Kundu