A week-long blood donation camp organised by

BM Birla hospital 

News Desk, News Nation 360: BM Birla hospital is setting a benchmark, as their team comprising of doctors, nurses, housekeeping staff, and nonmedical staff not only have been working day in out for the patients but are equally enthusiastic in contributing their bit for the future of the society and the patients by donating blood. A week-long blood donation camp (14 the June to 20 th June 2020) is being organized where the phlebotomist wearing protective gear encourages blood donation. All measures are taken to ensure the safety of the blood donors and the staff who are at the blood bank. All protocols are strictly being followed while blood donation activity is being carried on. During the peak time of the lockdown, BM Birla Hospital, have operated on a patient with this medical condition successfully. A complex cardiac switch surgery was done in an infant of only two weeks by Dr Manoj Daga, complex open-heart surgery and valve replacement were done by Dr Ratan Das on an elderly patient who was tested COVID negative. Another interesting case was done by Dr Sabyasachi Pal Pacemaker was implanted in a haemophilia patient taking all precautions. The requirement of blood during cardiac surgery is a very important factor, within this pandemic situation they have been able to save more than seventy-five lives while conducting complex cardiac surgeries. Dr Lopita Bhattacharya, HOD blood bank, BM Birla Heart Research Centre told 1% of the blood donation by the people in the country, is the minimum to meet the nation’s basic medical need for blood. There has been a remarkable requirement for blood and blood components ever since the spread of the pandemic. There has always been a basic urgent need for blood services to move quickly in response to trauma cases, to ensure blood sufficiency for cardiac surgery, emergency surgeries, cancer treatment, and hereditary disorders like thalassemia and other ailments. This internal blood camp will maintain the basic COVID New normal, ensuring both safeties of the medical fraternity and patients as well as further embarking new standards for self-sufficiency.

Pic: Courtesy

Report: Anustup Kundu

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