Borunbabur Bondhu is Coming Soon

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Director Anik Dutta’s new film, from the house of Surinder Films, Borunbabur Bondhu is Coming Soon. Recently, in Kolkata, the Trailer of the upcoming Bengali Film was launched in Presence of Actor Soumitra Chattopadhyay, Actress Madhabi Mukhopadhyay along with Ritwick Chakraborty, Arpita Chatterjee, Director Anik Dutta and Music Composer, Debojyoti

Mishra in Kolkata. The Story is about a patriarch who becomes more and more aloof from his surroundings. He refuses to compromise with his values. Suddenly there’s a twist in the role and Borunbabu overnight becomes important to everyone. The film is all about how Borunbabu deals with the extraordinary situation in his own inimitable way. Borunbabur Bondhu starring Soumitra Chattopadhyay as Borunbabu whereas Madhabi Mukhopadhyay played the role of Lalita, Paran Bandhopadhyay played the role of Sukumar, a childhood friend of Borunbabu, Kaushik Sen and Ritwick Chakraborty played Borunbabu’s sons, Siddhartha and Paramartha, Arpita Chatterjee and Bidipta Chakraborty played the roles of Moushumi and Raka, the daughters-in-law of Borunbabu. The film is also starring Barun Chanda, Alokananda Roy, Debolina Dutta and Chandreyee Ghosh amongst others. The script was jointly written by Anik Dutta and Utsav Mukherjee. Borunbabur Bondhu will be releasing soon across West Bengal in 2020.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu


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