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Bengali-Hindi bilingual film called 'Care of a Journey' coming soon

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News Desk, News Nation 360: Not many eye-catching Bengali films have been made with children in recent times. Producer Ismail Mallick has come forward to cut the drought of the film on behalf of Ismail Film Production. He is going to start working on a Bengali-Hindi bilingual film called 'Care of a Journey'. He informed the news in a press conference at Kolkata Press Club on Tuesday. The film's director Pratik Sarkar along with lead actors Rahul Banerjee, Sunil Banerjee, actress Sumana Das, child artist Rupam Mondal and others were present at the meeting. In the context of the story, the director said, a remote village far away from the city. The name of the village is 11 miles. The boy of that village is Patu. Patu was brought up by her grandmother after her mother's death. Patu never saw his father. People have heard that his father lives in Kolkata. Even if there is a father, the father is lost. This is a matter of great regret to Patu. So he tried to get to know the city of Kolkata by various tricks

from the village people. The old mute Kala brings another dimension to the story about Shailbala and her grandson Patu. He has only two friends in the entire village — Kali and Tukai. Patu got to know the city of Kolkata after finding out about his father through the story of his father in the neighbourhood goldari shop. One day he decided to go to the city to find his father! Patu ran away from that village and came to the city... Then? A story of a proletarian boy moving forward. The mystery will continue to wear. fight and passage. Ismail Film Productions' second offering is 'Care of a Journey'. Screenplay and dialogues are written by Saptarshi Ghatak and Prateek Sarkar. Music directed by Dev Sen. There is only two songs in the film. Akash Pal is in the camera. The shooting will be continuous from the second week of May in Jhargram. Then to Calcutta. The film will feature Bahul Banerjee, Sunil Banerjee, Suman Das, Rupam Mondal and others.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu

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