CenturyPly hosts its debut carnival of Natural Veneers CenturyVeneers Utsav

News Desk, News Nation 360: CenturyPly, India’s largest seller of Plywood and Decorative Laminates and Veneers in India today has inaugurated ‘CenturyVeneers Utsav’, the largest event in the world of Natural Veneers at Century Arena in Kirtinagar, New Delhi. Century Arena, which is CenturyPly’s exclusive Veneer boutique in Delhi with the largest collection of Natural Veneers will showcase the single largest Veneer display in the country from 17th December to 21st December 2021. Veneer has been established as an important element in the decorative industry, which has diverse trends and patterns varying from region to region. As consumer preference has become more flamboyant over time, the demand for Veneers has seen a rise for its aesthetic appeal, sustainability, strength and especially the eco-friendly nature. Apart from showcasing the massive collection of Natural Veneers, CenturyVeneer Utsav will also provide exciting offers to the dealers visiting and participating in this festival. The decorative festival keeps a larger aim of motivating the loyal trade partners to be a part of this carnival while also encouraging them to stay consistent in the journey of CenturyPly. A wide array of 500 varieties of Natural Veneers will be displayed at the carnival, which will include an exquisite collection of regular Veneers like American Walnut, Sapeli, Oak etc to very exotic species like Royal Ebony Crème, Ebony, Imperial Ziricote etc. This collection will also showcase the entire gamut of smoked Veneers, dyed Veneers, treated Veneers, stained/metallic Veneers and the exclusive poly-fibre impregnated Veneer – which is an industry first, offered only by CenturyPly. Shankho Chowdhury, President, Decoratives Division stated that the home décor industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent times considering the change in market outlook and consumer preference. The exclusive boutique store of Century Arena in Delhi has been a great milestone for CenturyPly in terms of catering to the furniture hub of North India. The five-day CenturyVeneer Utsav is indeed a one-of-its-kind initiative for the market of Natural Veneers which is set to impact the consumer buying market and create a niche consumer base in coming years. CenturyVeneer Utsav at about 2200sq-ft exclusive Natural Veneer store will showcase an immersive experience featuring full sheets of exotic Veneers and pave the way for the brand to venture into more innovative solutions to keep up with the industry demands.

Report : Anustup Kundu