CenturyPly Launches Century Promise App

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Century Plyboards (India) Ltd., a frontrunner in innovation in India’s plywood and decorative industry, today announced the launch of the Century Promise app, an initiative that will provide further peace of mind to its customers by ensuring whether the buyer is spending on genuine or a fake plywood brand. The programmatic creative service solutions will provide details on the genuineness of all CenturyPly products through an embedded QR code – a first-of-its-kind initiative in the industry taken by any Indian plywood manufacturer. As per this new technology-driven authenticity test, after scanning the QR code through the Century Promise app, the app will show the date and location of CenturyPly factory where the selected product was manufactured along with details on product name, specifications etc. It will display words mentioning that the select product is an authentic CenturyPly product. Only a smartphone with an active internet connection and the app installed, plywood customers can now find assurance on staying protected from fake products. Unfortunately, the Indian plywood market is flooded with fake manufacturing brands. Plywood being a consumer durable product makes it difficult for customers to distinguish authentic quality plywood from counterfeit ones. However, this problem will no more exist with CenturyPly as all Century Ply products will have a unique QR code embedded in them, scanning of which will provide relevant details supporting whether consumers are buying genuine Centuryply products or not. To scan the QR code, consumers will have to install ‘Century Promise’ for availing data on the said product’s authenticity along with accessing the e-guarantee certificate for the same. Speaking on the initiative Sanjay Agarwal, Managing Director, CenturyPly said that while CenturyPly has always been innovative in terms of developing new products, this time their focus was to channelize this innovation to consumer’s knowledge and awareness about the safety of his money. It is alarming to see the rise of so many counterfeit plywoods in the market. Gullible customers cannot differentiate between authentic and fake plywood and pay huge amounts on fake ones. With the launch of the Century Promise app, they truly say to customers ‘Raho Befikar’ as they can now make the right informed decision while purchasing quality plywood.

Report : Anustup Kundu