Adamas University Announces

COVID-Amphan Scholarships

News Desk, News Nation 360: The Chancellor of Adamas University, Prof Samit Ray, has announced COVID-Amphan scholarships worth Rs.2 crores benefiting 500 or more seekers of higher education in 2020 in Eastern and North-eastern India. The scholarships are being given keeping in mind the immense economic loss to many families in this region due to job and income losses due to COVID19 induced lockdown and property losses due to Amphan cyclone recently that ravaged Bengal and parts of Odisha. This is the first such scholarship announced by any university in the east and north-eastern India since the lockdown has been announced. The University has planned to allocate the scholarships among all the 117 undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the nine schools of studies, covering all categories of applicants. The scholarships will be decided based on the performance of the applicants in online admission tests

scheduled to be conducted on May 30, June 13 and June 20. An individual applicant can try maximum two times to win a scholarship (if fails to do in the first attempt). It is based on performance in the online admission test. Chancellor Prof Samit Ray told this is the least they could do to support the young learners this time, and he hopes every corporate house and university or college shall come out with their own support measures this time. The University had already offered its campus for quarantine ward apart from cash support during COVID crisis, both of which were accepted by the state government. The faculty members have also contributed cash and are now engaged in online teaching, evaluation, and researching and writing on various aspects of COVID crisis according to their domain expertise.

Report : Anustup Kundu


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