History TV 18's New Documentary Dakshineswar : Legends of Kali

News Desk, News Nation 360 : HistoryTV18 presents an hour-long documentary about the fearsome, mysterious yet benevolent Goddess Kali, Her devotees, festival and great temple. Research, top-end production values and never-seen-before visuals, make the film a cut above the rest. Stylised animation and imagery recreate the legends and forms of Kali, from bloodthirsty demon-slayer and Goddess of Tantrics to the beloved and divine mother of tens of millions of devotees. According to Hindu tradition, the warrior Goddess is the personification of Shakti, the feminine divine, at its most powerful. She is all-conquering and Her wrath all-consuming. But when She is calm, then like nature She is maternal - nurturing and protective. When most of India shines in celebration of Diwali, it is Goddess Kali who holds centre-stage in Eastern India. Kali Puja is special in Kolkata, and of its many temples, none is
grander than the Dakshineswar Kali Temple. Ever since it was completed and opened to the public in the mid-nineteenth century, it has been a melting pot of diverse ideologies. Dakshineswar Kali Temple remains iconic, and millions still throng here. The narrative also encompasses the fascinating stories of prominent historical figures. Rani Rashmani, the temple’s visionary builder, is key to the story. So is Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans, the temple’s head priest. Today, he is revered as a saint mystic, whose pluralist ideas were a life-changing influence for Swami Vivekananda. The film is rich in facts and provides insights into mythology, its powerful symbolism

and present-day relevance, especially about the representation and position of women in Indian society. Dakshineswar : Legends of Kali premieres on Friday, 25th October at 8 PM. Avinash Kaul, MD A+E Networks | TV18 and CEO Network 18 sais that at History TV 18, they believe in telling stories that are engaging as well as relevant for their viewers. In keeping with their commitment to raise the bar with each original production, Dakshineswar : Legends of Kali is an absolutely compelling story, told exceedingly well. With Dakshineswar : Legends of Kali, History TV 18 creates a definitive one-hour that shines a light on the mythology and mystique of the fearsome Kali. The clutter-breaking film, available in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, aims to interpret and showcase the abiding faith in the ancient tradition of Shakti, in 21st Century India. In doing so, the film delves into surrounding themes of feminism, egalitarianism, inclusiveness and pluralism, as well as issues of identity and belief that bridge the gap between social and economic class, caste, religion, and gender. With genre-defining storytelling, exciting characters and expert opinion, this isn’t just a film about a Goddess and Her magnificent temple. It is the telling of the story of the cycle of creation and destruction, faith, symbolism and cultural truths. Dakshineswar : Legends of Kali features Kolkata-based music band, Project Maya. The band creates a soundtrack for the occasion, to strike a chord with Kali’s new generation of devotees, giving traditional Shyama Sangeet a millennial makeover.

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Report : Anustup Kundu


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