India's First Public Cloud Storage Digiboxx Touched 1 Million Active Users in Just 6 Months

News Desk, News Nation 360 : India's First and Only Public Cloud Storage, Digiboxx announced that they have touched 1 Million, active users, in just 6 months. They have reported that they've got 16% active users daily. This was started in December 2020 by the CEO of Neeti Aayog Amitabh Kant. This is an Indian Digital File Storage, Sharing, Data Management sus product which is private. This is easy to use and a very pocket-friendly storage solution with Rs 30/month to a plan for monthly and yearly subscription plan. It has a free account for personal usage which includes 20GB Storage and a limit of upload size of 2GB and Gmail Integration. For SMB, it has a plan of Rs 999 which includes 50TB Storage and a limit of upload size of 10GB. It is available on Android, IOS and Desktop version. Arnab Mitra, CEO of Digiboxx said that Digiboxx has touched 1 Million active users in just 6 months. They want to make a Digital Facility for Natives. They aim to provide Indians with a Comprehensive Solution in 4 different Indian languages. Digiboxx provides their user more services in less amount of subscription. The use of this application is also easy, one has to drag and drop the particular files which will be encrypted and secured. This is comparatively easy and the algorithm makes this application more useful and accessible, and it syncs every device's files. 

Report : Anustup Kundu