Dollar Industries Limited Announced Q4 FY21 Results

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Dollar Industries Limited, one of the leading Garment & Hosiery Company in the country have announced its financial results for the quarter ended March 31st, 2021. Commenting on the results, Vinod Kumar Gupta, Managing Director, Dollar Industries Limited said that he is happy that the Company achieved 29% growth this quarter whereas on a fiscal basis the Company grew by 7% even though the Company was not operational for 45 days in the year due to lockdown. This year under review has been overshadowed by the Corona Virus where the economy is hit but the Company reported positive revenue growth. This quarter the raw-material prices stabilized a bit before showing un-certainty in prices again. The Company priority is to keep its stakeholders safe during this second wave we are experiencing. The Company is poised to grow and continue its growth journey. Total Revenue for Q4FY21 & FY21 stood at Rs.310.44 & Rs.1040.43 crore as compared to Rs.240.52 & Rs.971.81 crores for Q4FY20 & FY20 growth of 29 % for Q4FY21 & growth of 7 % for FY21.Operating Revenue for Q4FY21 & FY21 stood at Rs.308.31 & Rs.1036.95 crore as compared to Rs.237.29 & Rs.967.10 crores for Q4FY20 & FY20, growth of   30 % for Q4FY21 & growth of 7.22 % for FY21, EBITDA for Q4FY21 & FY21 stood at Rs.33.24 crore i.e. 10.71% & Rs.141.56 crore i.e. 13.61% as compared to Rs.24.21 crore i.e. 10.07% & Rs.109.29 crore i.e. 11.25% for Q4FY20 & FY20, growth of 37 % & 30 % for Q4FY21 & FY21, PAT for Q4FY21 & FY21 stood at Rs.19.44 crore i.e. 6.26% & Rs.87.51 crore i.e. 8.41 % as compared to Rs.12.31 crore i.e. 5.12 % & Rs.58.89 crores i.e. 6.06% for Q4FY20 & FY20, growth of 58 %. & 49 % for Q4FY21 & FY21.

Report : Anustup Kundu