Doosra Comes to the Rescue of Social Workers Contributing to Covid-19


News Desk, News Nation 360 : During these unprecedented times, while our COVID volunteers are taking brave steps to support multiple social cause activities either directly or indirectly, they are faced with an inconceivable challenge in their daily routine life. In the process of extending support, one of the critical elements that a volunteer is compelled to do is to share his personal mobile number on various social platforms so that, the needy can approach him or her for support. Not just in the form of willful activity, sometimes the volunteers’ contact details are being circulated or posted on various social media platforms without their notice or permission. Having noticed such unfortunate incidents, Doosra has stepped up to support COVID Volunteers and decided to facilitate 100 free virtual mobile numbers to U&I TRUST. The virtual mobile numbers will not just safeguard the identity of COVID volunteers, but also give them a free hand to share their mobile numbers in any open forum or social media platforms. Doosra number facilitates a stress-free environment for the volunteers as they can attend to only critical and important calls and be untouched by spam or irrelevant calls or messages. Lauding the efforts of the COVID volunteers, Aditya Vuchi, Founder and CEO of Doosra, said that they realised the critical challenges faced by the COVID volunteers and their Doosra number being the only way out to safeguard and protect the privacy of these volunteers, we decided to come forward to join hands with U&I TRUST. It was also an utmost priority for them to facilitate free Doosra Pro version numbers which gives an indefinite control of call blocker and save unlimited trusted contacts. Ever since the second wave of the pandemic has hit, COVID volunteers in different parts of the country have complained about people stalking them or receiving irrelevant calls or messages, as their personal mobile numbers are floating on social media platforms. This has become a serious matter of concern, as it would defeat the very purpose of the noble cause and as the volunteers are getting boggled, they are also refraining from undertaking such public welfare programs. 

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Report : Anustup Kundu