Emami Art Hosted Bhū : The Act of Becoming

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : Emami Art, one of India’s leading contemporary art galleries based in Kolkata is delighted to announce its upcoming exhibition “Bhū: The act of becoming”, an ensemble exhibition of contemporary ceramics. This will be an exclusive exhibition that will feature artworks of 11 prominent artists who will exhibit works that portray a diverse range of visual languages within ceramic art. The exhibition will be on display from 13th November to 12th December 2021 from 11 am to 6 pm on the ground floor of Emami Art at Kolkata Centre for Creativity. A mystical word in Sanskrit, Bhū has an array of meanings. It refers to the earth but also alludes to the nuanced sense of soil, land, region or matter as such. It also means “to be” or “to become” that brings Bhu closer to the realm of ceramic art.  Clay has inspired human civilization since time immemorial. The unique position of the artist in the discourse of contemporary ceramic art depends on a series of aesthetic and technical decisions made during the process. This exhibition comprises the works of prolific and promising artists namely Devesh Upadhyay, Falguni Bhatt, Indrani Singh Cassime, Kavita Pandya Ganguly, Keshari Nandan Prasad, Partha Dasgupta, Saraswati, Shalini Dam, Shilpi Sharma, Shweta Mansingka and Vinod Daroz who will showcase a diverse range of visual languages within ceramic art. In clay-based art practices, the element of touch is essential. In kneading and moulding the clay, in shaping and glazing the work, the artist’s touch breathes life into form. As the work is finally placed in the kiln, the artist must wait, not knowing how the objet d’art will appear. After the firing, it acquires a quality of its own, yet retains the tactile immediacy. In the current epoch, where the future of the earth is uncertain, clay stirs profound, primordial emotions, as a residual desire for existence. Richa Agarwal, CEO of

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Emami Art said that it brings her great joy to present Bhū, an ensemble of contemporary ceramic art from established and emerging artists across India. Ceramic as a medium has now become a metaphor for artists' personal or political concerns, and contemporary ceramic artists are pushing the boundaries of its historical context. By adopting new approaches and techniques, they create their own visual language of unique aesthetics. Moulding ideas into objects, the artists of Bhū offer a fresh, contemporary perspective to the ancient craft. It is exciting to see such a dynamic and diverse range of creative voices coming together, creating a confluence of visions. As a contemporary art gallery, Emami Art commits to bringing these practices into mainstream artistic discourse and facilitating debates and dialogues around ceramic art as a contemporary medium. 

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Report : Anustup Kundu