Simple Eye Care Tips for Durga Puja by Dr Ipsita Basu & Dr Joyeeta Das

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Durga Puja is knocking at the doors. The times for endless pandal hopping, long fun hours, unlimited food and adda following all covid protocols are here. Everyone has made a few changes in the daily routine to be presentable during the festival days. The checklist is almost ready. But most of the people neglect their health that has assumed special importance during these covid times. The eyes are one of the most important body part that need extra care during festivals. But the majority of the people turn a blind eye towards it. Allergies, conjunctivitis, redness, puffiness are the common problems. Protection and proper eye hygiene can help one keep away from eye problems. Specially, if one is out in the heat and pollution for long hours, a few precautions for the eye are a must such as :

1. Be careful while choosing sunglasses since one may be out in the sun for long hours standing in queue to catch a glimpse of a favourite idol. Use ultraviolet protective sunglasses only. This will prevent eye allergies and long term eye diseases.

2. Do not rub the eyes with unclean hands, especially outdoors and in public places and shaking hands with others, or if one is sweaty. One could introduce infections or allergens to the eyes.

3. Do not splash water inside the eyes. This washes away the tear film, which is a protective layer. Wash the eyes only if foreign particles like dust entered the eyes.

4. Always wash hands and face reaching at home to prevent dust and grime from entering the eyes and causing eye allergies.

5. Do not share common handkerchiefs, towels, toiletries, etc.

6. Do not share common eye cosmetics.

7. Extra care is must for those who are wearing contact lenses. Never go to sleep with lenses. Lenses should not be worn for more than 16 hours. It affects the cornea.

8. Eye make up should be light during the day. Eye shadows, if used, should not spill over into the eyes.

9. Use waterproof mascara. Melted mascara can be harmful for eyes.

10. Be careful while using eye liner. It should not get in contact with the eyes directly.

11. Be careful while removing eye makeup, if somehow makeup goes inside eyes then rinse fast with cold water and don’t rub.

12. Always remove make up before retiring to bed, whatever late it may be.

Report : Anustup Kundu