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Blast is Coming Soon

News Desk : Blast is an outraged commercial film with a social message. Shohom and Tota Roychowdhury playing the lead itself is a news....more

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Mukho Mukhi - The Real Life Story

News Desk : Recently, in Kolkata, The First Look launched of a new Bengali Film Mukho Mukhi which is presented by Friends Communication...more

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English Short Film An Evening…in my Life Coming Soon

News Desk : Director Sanat Dutta’s new English Short Film An Evening…in my Life is coming very soon...more

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ReFraction Screening at Kolkata International Film Festival 2018

News Desk : Kaushik Das' new film ReFraction explores his heritage as an Indian Australian Actor and Producer. In this gripping bilingual...more

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Bagh Bandi Khela set to Theaters for the First Time

News Desk : First time in Bengali Cinema 3 Super Stars with 3 Original Stories in one feature fim named BAGH BANDI KHELA set to release in theatres across West Bengal on November...more