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  1. News Nation 360 and AITIJYA BANGLA are recruiting Interns for serving our readers faster than we usually do. 

  2. The intern should be in College or have passed out of College.

  3. The Intern should write fluently in English for the Portal and in Bengali for the News Paper.

  4. The Intern must know the usage of any Photo Editor.

  5. Only the Intern who wants to join News Paper must know the proper way to type Bengali in Computer.

  6. The Intern must know the proper way to Click Photos.

  7. The Intern should maintain his/her Dress Code.

  8. The Intern should be Humble, Polite and Eager to learn to work.

  9. We are focused on how an Intern writes. So, Intern should E-Mail us a particular content as per his/her (It must be in .jpg Format or .txt Format, choose one of the given two) choice along with the Form's Screenshot.

  10. If the Intern is ready to join the News Paper then your content which you are E-Mailing us will be in Bengali and if the Intern is ready to join the Portal then your content which you are E-Mailing us will be in English.

  11. The Intern's Handwriting should be clear and understandable. 

  12. If the Intern has his/her DSLR Camera, then it'll be extremely appreciated.

  13. The Intern should be able to work in Indoor and Outdoor.

  14. The Intern should be living in West Bengal, mainly in Kolkata.


  1. After Submitting all required field, take a screenshot and E-Mail us at :

  2. If you are a PC/Computer user, after completing all the required fields, take a picture with your phone and E-Mail us.

  3. After E-Mailing us, you'll get an E-Mail in about 24/48 Hours.

  4. One person can choose two posts e.g. Portal and News Paper.

  5. One person may choose one post e.g. Only Portal or Only Paper.

  6. The result will be on this Portal.

  7. If you are selected by our HR and if your name is in our Portal, our HR will contact you within 24/48 Hours.

  8. Our HR will tell you about the meeting point and other things.

  9. There are no Charges required for Applying for the Internship.

  10. If you have completely gone through these requirements and agreed with our Terms and Conditions, you can apply for the Internship.

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