Fortis Anandapur launches Home Isolation Support Programme for COVID-19 positive patient

News Desk, News Nation 360: Fortis Healthcare, India’s leading healthcare solution provider, in an effort to meet the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic has launched the Home Isolation Support Programme for COVID positive patients. Recent learnings indicate that patients who are asymptomatic and/or have mild symptoms do not require hospitalisation, they can recover within the comfort of their homes. Most people are unaware of the protocols of practising home isolation and are bound to turn anxious if diagnosed. Fortis’s Home Isolation Programme provides that attention and guidance as patients recover at home. Since several parameters like age, comorbidities etc. are taken into account while treating COVID patients, home isolation is not advised for everyone and can be practised only after a doctor has certified it. After the certification, patients are taken on board; and a care assistant explains the dos and don’ts to the family and patient. A team of doctors remotely monitors the vitals of the patients daily,

maintains communication to keep them informed about their health, medical alerts, what should be done in case of an emergency and when to reach the hospital. If a critical alert is raised, ambulance services will bring the patient to the hospital immediately. As a part of the recovery process, the patient is also given psychological and dietary counselling and four video consultations with COVID specialists. As per Ministry guidelines, if the patient has clinically recovered after 17 days of home isolation, they don’t need repeat tests. They are deemed fit and COVID free. The programme is provided with a nominal cost of Rs 7,999, keeping in mind the financial slump that the pandemic has exposed us to. Dr Arafat Faisal, Medical Superintendent, Fortis Anandapur, told ​​home Isolation Programme envisions the future need of the community wherein hospital beds will fall short as the pandemic progresses. The purpose of the programme is to reach out to as many patients as possible and give due medical attention depending on the severity of the disease. COVID-19 is going to stay and the burden of the disease is going to increase with each passing day. They have to be prepared to filter patients and hospitalise only where indicated.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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