Gaan Point is Coming Soon on Aakash Aath

News Desk, News Nation 360 : One of the most popular regional entertainment channels, Aakash Aath launched a new musical extravaganza, Gaan Point. It is a musical show where two renowned singers will be invited from different genres of Shilajit’s Café, Kachchhap. There will be different types of weird menu available, which will be offered by the anchor, renowned singer Shilajit Majumdar to the invitees. Gaan Point will have four rounds – Porda-Phash, Nagordola – Dichhe Paak, Gaitey Thaak, Bolche Jokhon Gaite Hobe and Enjoy Guru. Lastly, there will be an audience segment where the singers will have to sing one of their songs as requested

by an audience. Eshita Surana, Director of Aakash Aath said that Gaan Point is a fun-filled musical programme which will feature two singers and they will be taken through various rounds, including a face-off, by the anchor resulting into hilarious consequences. The audience will get to know their favourite singer a little more up-close and personal. Some of the performers to participate in the show

are new generation singers like Jojo, Poushali, Sohoj Maa, Monomoy Bhattacharya, Ankita and Sneha amongst others. The show will be aired from 20th February 2020, every Thursday to Saturday from 9:30 PM.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu

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