Canon India’s ‘Green Environment Together’ initiative


News Desk, News Nation 360: Strengthening its commitment towards environment and sustainable business, Canon India today announced the successful plantation of the 20,000th tree as part of its Green Environment Together (GET) Initiative. In July 2019, the Green Environment Together (GET) Initiative was launched by Canon India as a positive step towards nurturing the environment. In 2019, Canon India had pledged to plant over 10,000 trees annually and in line with this vision, in less than two years, the company has successfully planted their 20,000th sapling. Manabu Yamazaki, President & CEO of Canon India stated that they have always strived to protect the global environment and support the holistic development of communities. They are elated to witness the success of their Green Environment Together (GET) initiative as we plant the 20,000th sapling today in less than two years of its commencement. Their ‘Kyosei’ philosophy which refers to living and working together for the common good is at the heart of

these efforts and forms the basis of Canon’s commitment to act responsibly across supply chains, within the communities they operate in, as well as through the products they develop. K Bhaskhar, Senior Vice President – Business Imaging Solutions, Canon India expressed that as a leading player in the printing segment and a socially responsible company, they believe that their business footprint on the environment should be balanced. In the current times, becoming sensitive towards their surroundings and community has picked up even more momentum and continues to be their priority. While advanced technology and solutions can greatly benefit their customers’ lives and caring for them is their key focus area, the environment too demands their attention. 

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Report : Anustup Kundu