Griffin International School : Acclimatization of Students to School Environment After Re-opening

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : To make a better start and helping students acclimate to the school environment after re-opening of schools. Griffins International School will hold acclimatization sessions for students to reconnect with friends and to get reacquainted with the school. They have experienced and witnessed a significant amount of unpredictability within communities and despair in families. Some of the newly admitted students in Grade XI have not even seen the school campus properly. So, they first intend to make them acclimatized with the school campus environment. They must be given some scope first to spend time with their peers and teachers. They must enjoy coming back to school. Comments of Sarbari Brahma, Principal, Griffins International School, Kharagpur that students have long been detached from the usual school life they are supposed to have at this age. The social loss for the young minds is huge. They have planned to welcome them with greeting cards made by teachers. The reception and classrooms will be decorated. Initially, for three to four days they have told them not to bring any books and notebooks and they intend to conduct frequent outdoor classes in the garden and amphitheatre of the school. GIS has a huge campus, and they want to use it to their advantage. Campus and hostel tours will also be given to the students who are

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especially new to the school. They have planned some fun-filled team and confidence building games for them like ' Treasure hunt', 'Perfect square ', 'No smiling', 'Battle of the designer’, and more. Mostly those games will be played which require minimum or no body contact with one another, yet, which will build up the spirit. Whatever is done, will be done by adhering to Covid protocols. Safety committee members of the school will be on duty along with subject teachers to monitor the same at all times.

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Report : Anustup Kundu