Hungama Play’s upcoming Hindi show Hasratein

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : Hungama Play’s upcoming anthology Hasratein, as the name suggests, highlights real human desires and how it affects relationships. Eminent actors will be seen playing pivotal roles along Shilpa Tulaskar, Sana Sayyad, Siddharth Sharma, Ayussh Anand and Sahil Uppal in the Hindi original show. Hasratein has five stories that trace the journey of small-town women who want to experience the sexual ecstasy at least once in their lives. Monalisa, known for working mostly on Bhojpuri films and Hindi TV shows, stated that each story of Hasratein is unique and presents situations that are familiar. You probably have experienced it or come to know about it from relatives or read in newspapers. It is this relatability that makes the entire show highly engaging. Krishna Mukherjee, who is known for her TV shows like Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Kuch Toh Hai: Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein expressed that Hasratein

narrates five unique tales that pivot around some real women who don’t want to die before they experience physical love. It aims to give its viewers a distinct perspective and holds an empathetic lens towards the characters and the situations surrounding them. Each story comes with a learning that will surely resonate with the audience. Others like Ada Khan, Vin Rana, Ravi Bhatia also sheared their views on Hasratein. 

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Report : Anustup Kundu