Healthium Medtech Announces the Launch of India’s 1st Knotless Tissue Closure Device : TRUBARB™

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Healthium Medtech, one of the largest medical devices companies in India, announced the launch of its latest innovation Trubarb™ – a knotless tissue closure device designed to redefine the suturing experience for surgeons. The device comes with barbs and an effective triangular end stopper that eliminates the need for knotting when compared to a regular suture and eliminates the difficulties of looping when compared to other knotless sutures. It has been designed to shorten suturing time, decrease morbidity and ischemic necrosis that arise due to knotting and simplify the overall suturing experience for surgeons. Speaking on the launch, Anish Bafna, CEO, Healthium Group, said that as a large Indian player in a market dominated by MNCs, they are trying to innovate constantly to not only drive efficiencies, safety and simplicity for surgeons but also enhance patient safety and outcome. They hold 55 patents in India and the U.S and Trushield™, India’s 1st anti-microbial gloves, Surestitch™, the 1st meniscal repair device designed and manufactured in India, and now Trubarb™ with a Triangular end stopper for the 1st time vs a conventional loop, are all products they have launched this year to serve their customers and provide them with yet another reason to choose an Indian brand! In addition, their products are made to global standards with US FDA and C.E approvals, can be accessed in all 500 districts in India with medical facilities and are accepted in 70 countries. It gives them immense pleasure to launch Trubarb™ so that surgeons can have a secure, swift and simplified suturing experience. Sutures are amongst the most used products during surgeries, however, the only significant advances on sutures have been sterilization in 1870ies and synthetic absorbable sutures in 1960ies. By eliminating the need for knotting which is considered a necessary evil in suturing as it reduces the tensile strength of the suture by thinning it, creating a weak spot and building uneven tension across the wound, and by eliminating the unmet needs of wound dehiscence, knot slippage, ischemic necrosis due to knotting and increase in blood loss and morbidity especially in Laparoscopic surgeries, Trubarb is looking to redefine the wound closure experience for surgeons.

Report : Anustup Kundu

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