International Institute of Photography and Arts, Kolkata remembers Late Sanat Ghosh


News Desk, News Nation 360: International Institute of Photography and Arts, Kolkata (IIPK) remembers Sanat Ghosh and holds a panel discussion on THE IMPACT OF THE PANDEMIC ON FILMS AND FILMMAKING at their own Institute. This programme was held as part of its Foundation Month Celebrations, and in remembering its founder, eminent photographer and mentor, the late Sanat Ghosh. The panellists included eminent actress Rituparna Sengupta, a patron of the IIPK, well-known cinematographer and director Premendu Bikash Chaki and renowned look planner Aniruddha Chakladar, both of whom are members of the IIPK’s faculty. The panellists fondly remembered Sanat Ghosh and spoke about his excellent qualities of head and heart, and how his valuable advice, guidance and love helped them not only in their careers but also in those of many others. His willingness to help others reflected clearly his goodness as a human being. The Institute is the brainchild of the accomplished and eminent commercial photographer the late Sanat Ghosh, who has left behind an enviable body of work. He believed that photography could merge creativity and technology with a view to encompass a wider field of communication. The Institute has been his attempt at encouraging students to fulfil their dreams by turning their passion into a profession. The Institute has nurtured a large number of students in a high-end creative environment. The IIPK is currently among the best photography institutes in the country. At the panel discussion, Rituparna Sengupta, Premendu Bikash Chaki and Aniruddha Chakladar spoke in detail about how adversely the COVID 19 pandemic has affected filmmaking and the film industry in general; at the same time, they attached great importance to always have a positive outlook and emphasised that efforts should be made to carefully identify ways and means to combat the impact of the pandemic, so that all connected to the industry directly or indirectly benefit in the long run. As per Rituparna Sengupta pandemic has certainly impacted the film industry adversely, but she is very hopeful that soon they shall be able to resume normalcy. While talking of whether OTT platforms, Premendra Bikash Chaki stated that the experience of watching a film on a large screen is so exhilarating that no other format can ever wean them away from the movie halls. Looking at the plight of the workers in the film industry, as well as those working in Jatra and theatre, Aniruddha Chakladar expressed that the difficulties being faced in look planning for work but work has resumed and hopes that full-fledged work will begin soon. 

Report : Anustup Kundu