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News Desk, News Nation 360 : As the world is combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter is working domestically to identify trusted partners, including the India public health authorities, organizations, and governments to inform their approach. For India specifically, they wanted to provide with recent top-level updates around the work Twitter is doing. Twitter has open lines of communication with the relevant authorities in the central and state governments and public health officials, to ensure they can troubleshoot account issues, and seek strategic counsel as they use the power of Twitter to mitigate harm and connect with the public at large. They're working with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, various State Governments to upskill various departments on COVID response management. They have also

supported and enabled the Govt of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh to set-up dedicated COVID-Response accounts. Govt. of Karnataka, Maharashtra, DIPR Karnataka, Maharashtra Control room, Jharkhand COVID Helpline, UP COVID helpline. They have also published a Twitter List of key police accounts on Twitter for latest and credible information on #Lockdown21. People can Tweet to them for any queries. A strong example of this was @DelhiPolice using the service to host a Tweet Chat, addressing public queries and concerns related to the Lockdown.

Twitter is dedicated to ensure people have uninterrupted and real-time access to the conversations that matter. To this end, Twitter offers a dedicated COVID-19 search prompt. When people come to the service to search for related COVID-19 conversation, the search prompt offers content from credible sources such as national health agencies and the World Health Organisation (@WHO). Twitter has launched an events page dedicated to COVID-19 information. The page, called Coronavirus Tweets from Indian authorities, is essentially a timeline of Tweets from verified Indian officials such as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi (@narendramodi), Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan (@drharshvardhan) and other state and central ministers, as well as public health agencies. Launched in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (@MoHFW), this page is an attempt to share the latest facts from verified sources. Every account holder in India can see this page on the top of their home timeline and also Twitter is also giving varieties of features to stay up[dated about Coronavirus at home.  

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Report : Anustup Kundu


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