ITC Nimwash Fruit and Vegetable Infused sweets for the Festive 

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Festive season is all about fun frolic and family. After a lull due to pandemic, this season does promise to be lively with people celebrating with their closest friends and family in small and exclusive groups. When we are with family and friends for a fun time, can food be far behind? This Diwali, it is the time to experiment with the culinary expertise acquired during the pandemic for a special spread during celebrations. Celebrity Chef, Kunal Kapoor also feels that adding vegetables and fruits can add a healthy twist to otherwise regular sweets. Despite Diwali is a time when there is a high intake in sugar, they should try to inculcate nutritious yet equally mouth-watering substitutes to their sweets. Adding fresh produce can help them with the extra fibre that their body requires. However, it is very important to note that the first step of every recipe is to wash the fruits and vegetables with a product like Nimwash. This not just makes the dish safe to be eaten but also lets one focus on cooking a nutritious and scrumptious dish, with germ and

pesticide-free produce. Apple Kheer, Bottlegourd Halwa, Beetroot Laddoos the below list will tantalise one's taste buds and help in taking one through a delicious culinary journey. The last few months have been about taking care of their health and eating right. Continue to keep the right health quotient high, incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables in for festive cooking. Roll up your sleeves and create some mouth-watering sweets with out of the box fruits and vegetables! Yes, vegetable-based sweets too. The fruits and veggies make for great low guilt sweets. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are easily accessible and these sweets are quick to make besides being easy on the palate.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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