Hematology Education and Research Trust Organized 4th Annual Program Jagaran 2019

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Thalassemia, leukaemia or various other Blood diseases, some of whom are known as blood cancer, in many cases, is a controllable disease now, but most people get afraid about this like other cancer. Due to the advancement of modern Medical Science, the children affected by major thalassemia and also from other blood diseases may lead to almost normal life in many cases. But besides

treatment, counselling of patients, their parents and relatives are also needed too. In these circumstances, Hematology Education and Research Trust (HERT) have been worked with them in the last few years. It is an organization for patients and survivors of various blood diseases along with their families. HERT have organized their 4th Annual Program Jagaran-2019, which is not only a Meet of such patients, their parents, families, relatives, doctors, medical staff and other related persons but also a  general mass awareness program to general people for blood diseases in Kolkata. The program is

followed by a cultural function. In Jagaran 2019, in a valuable speech, Dr Dalai has shared his 17 years experience in this field and aware to the people on various blood cancers like Multiple Myeloma, Hozkin's & Non-Hozkin's Lymphoma, aplastic anaemia and Thalassemia. Blood cancer is a dreaded disease and thalassemia is congenital. many patients conquer the war against these diseases due to the advancement of modern medicine and the latest treatment including Chemo Therapy and bone marrow transplant (BMT). It is indeed possible to cure such patients, prolong survival and return to a good number of blood cancer victims to normal life. This program is the celebrations of their fight not only with disease but also with the uncountable social and economic obstacles. A number of survivors have also described their sufferings and fighting against the diseases too. At the end of this part of the programme, A panel discussion on the topic Journey of Hematological Patients to other states for Treatment has been performed. People of the different class of the society have taken part to the program.

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Report : Anustup Kundu


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