Jalsha Movies Originals : An Ode to the Rich Bengali Theatre Culture

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Jalsha Movies has always taken the onus to showcase new blockbusters for its viewers and provide a superior cinematic experience. Replete with cinematic splendour and superior visual experience, Jalsha Movies brings the best of Bengali entertainment to the home of the viewers. Jalsha Movies Originals is an initiative to capture and restore the art of theatre-making in Bengal and to

make it more contemporary, real and appealing to the TV watching millennials, besides making it widely accessible across Bengal. Bringing theatre to TV in a never seen before, larger than life experience, keeping the essence of stage intact is the sole objective of the endeavour. The first of the Jalsha Movies Originals is Antony Kobiyal: based on a romantic biography centred around Hansmen Antony or Firingi Antony, a Portuguese Christian who lived in yesteryears’ Calcutta. He adapted and practised local customs and manners of the eighteenth-century Bengal. He was so allured and influenced by the culture that he started his training in Bengali songs in the genre of contemporary kobiyals. Anthony even fell in love with a local widowed lady, Saudamini and eventually ended up marrying her. Antony Kobiyal is a story of this fascinating journey from Portuguese Firingi Antony to Kobiyal Antony, finding love in Saudamini and the challenges he faces in a foreign land. An original play was written by Bidhayak Bhattacharya, this Jalsha Movies Originals, Antony Kobiyal has the presence of ace actors and popular Tollywood celebrities: Saheb Chatterjee, Kharaj Mukherjee & Saoli Chattopadhyay amongst others. The strength of theatre as a medium of communication and entertainment lies in the fact that as a lively and immersive media it can communicate to people to an extent that cannot be matched by any other form of art and literature. Theatre emerged when Kolkata was becoming important in the 19th Century as British India’s capital and a centre of trade and administration. Popular commercially successful Bengali theatre plays and their success stories are innumerable. The screenplay adaptations from many of these popular plays is not an uncommon phenomenon. Talking on behalf of his production house, Bengali movie icon, Prosenjit Chatterjee said that Jalsha Movies Originals, the concept, is indeed original. The concept of blending profession theatre with the technicalities and advancement of movies is a unique concept which appealed to him and he is sure it will appeal to their viewers as well. Theatres which earlier has entertained millions of viewers successfully and has run for over 400 nights were not available for today’s generation. Jalsha Movies has restored and revived the concept of theatre and made it more contemporary. It is new, original and unique and he has always tried to associate me with all new endeavours which enrich their industry. This is innovative and first of its kind initiative of Jalsha Movies to bring together eminent theatre personalities and movie to create something which will uphold Bengal’s theatre culture. They have together worked on an experimental new format which has blended the best of various entertainment formats and has given birth to Jalsha Movies Originals. The three other Jalsha Movies Originals following Antony Kobiyal are Baypika Bidae, Joy Maa Kali Boarding and Srimoti Bhoyankori, scheduled to premiere on the channel around the festive season of November and December 2020. All the stories selected under the umbrella of Jalsha Movies Originals have a strong social relevance even today. Amongst others, Jalsha Movies has also taken special care to restore the original scripts of the titles with absolutely zero deviation. The songs in the series have been sung by the actors themselves restoring yet another aspect of theatre.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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