JLL : Evolving Workplace Food Services Amidst COVID 19 Pandemic

News Desk, News Nation 360 : JLL, India’s largest real estate consultancy firm, and Compass Group, the world’s leading provider of contract food and support services, have come together to launch a whitepaper on (re)imagine Workplace food services: What’s next?. The whitepaper highlights the ideas for leaders on transforming the workplace, to meet the expectations of the workforce and changing consumer preferences. The report captures best practices for C-suite and business leaders, who are now looking for solutions in workplace food services. A recent survey conducted by JLL reveals that of all the services that an employee enjoys at the workplace, food and beverage services always come at the top of everyone’s concern list. A Compass Group study, “Eating at Work”, also showed that food was chosen as the preferred non-monetary perk over of flexible working hours, onsite fitness and employee wellness programmes which are perceived as vital non-monetary benefits. As per the study, 73% ranked café meals as a

top priority, demonstrating the power of food at the workplace. Sandeep Sethi, Managing Director, Corporate Solutions, West Asia, JLL said that the rise in COVID-19 cases in the country means that organisations will need to reimagine the workplaces and facilities while they continue to work with a lesser staff in offices. The pandemic has also forced the organisations to re-think their real estate portfolios and invest in tech infrastructure. The two key pillars of this experience - interaction in office and food services, which used to drive collaboration and innovation will no longer be the same. According to a JLL Global (WFH) Experience Survey (May 2020), almost 82 per cent of the people in India in a survey have shown their eagerness to go back to their workplaces. Taking this into consideration, the whitepaper lays down new protocols to be put in place for enhanced safety of the workforce. It would involve a combination of measures to improve workplace confidence along with workplace design upgrade such as : Food Safety, Change in consumers’ behavioural pattern, Use of technology to make wiser decisions, Flexible design spaces with integrated safety features, Statutory compliances to safety norms, Reconfigured cafeteria and the new strategy, Renew Supply Chain, Touch-free digitized transactions, Enhanced cleaning and disinfection and Maintaining a business continuity plan. SafeSphereTM program enables Re-imagining workplace food services – scalability, quality of food, contactless food delivery mechanisms amidst a changing consumer behaviour making the corporate foodservice players re-strategize. SafeSphereTM is a trademarked framework developed in association with fourteen independent, health, safety and audit specialists across the Asia Pacific region that offers assurance on the safety of all interactions with food in the work environment and uses an operating model with a set of certifiable standards.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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