Kanchi is Coming Soon on Aakash Aath

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : Director Manish Ghosh’s new Serial Kanchi is coming soon on Aakash Aath. The story revolves around two different perspectives. The main protagonist according to the title, Kanchi, is a Woman who was born in the hills. She used to earn her livelihood by entertaining the tourists. Another perspective revolves around Aakash and Punam. Aakash, without his parents’ permission, marries Nepali Girl Punam and after that, all relations are cut off. After two years or more, Aakash’s family proposed Aakash return as they are now allowing Punam and their baby Ishwari as their family members. While coming from Hillside roads, their car developed trouble. That's, they met with Kanchi, and soon they all develop a good relationship with each other. After a few days, when they are about to return to Kolkata, Aakash and his family met in an accident and for that reason, lying on the deathbed, Punam gave the responsibility to take care of Ishwari to Kanchi. Will this be the turning point of the story? To know more, then one has to go through the serial Kanchi starting from 30th August,  Monday  to  Saturday,  at  08:00 PM. The  main  casts are Kathakali

Chakraborty as Kanchi, Omi Mukherjee as Aakash, Soumi Paul as Punam and Aradhya Biswas as Ishwari and many more other eminent actors and actresses are acting in this serial.

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