KFC Introduced their New Double Down Burger

KFC Double Down_1_edited.png

News Desk, News Nation 360 : More is definitely MORE when it comes to KFC, whether its chicken or the fun. Presenting the most unique chicken burger in town - the KFC Double Down Burger - with more, more and more chicken. That’s right, now there are not one, but two delectable reasons for chicken-lovers to rejoice. The Double Down Burger comes with two crispy, chicken fillets forming a burger unlike any other - now THAT’S what chicken dreams are made of. Starting at INR 229, the Double Down Burger is available across all KFC restaurants; so walk-in, order-in or express pick-up from the nearest KFC restaurant. Like all things delicious & tasty, this all chicken, no bun burger is available for a limited time only, so get hands on one right away. The Double Down is the tastiest burger ever and rightly so. It is made of all chicken and nothing but chicken. Replacing the bun are crispy KFC chicken fillets, holding fresh, crunchy veggies in between, layered with creamy Dynamite Mayo and Sriracha sauce. It all comes together to deliver a taste and

crunch that is bound to leave one craving for more. Gone are the days when one had to dig through various dishes to serve self most of the chicken, or when one always secretly hoped for more chicken as one enjoyed a burger. Because with the Double Down there’s - upar chicken, neeche bhi chicken, ab dhoondna nahi padega chicken!

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu