Kwai App Changed the Life of a Kolkata Mother

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown of nearly three months has been exceptionally hard for parents with young children. Many parents are finding it extremely stressful to take full care of their kids, keep them occupied, and yet find some time for themselves amidst piling household chores. However, with social media providing a welcome escape and distraction from the daily stresses, some apps have been helpful to give these parents a much needed “me-time”. Inspired by watching videos on the app, Satabdi created her Kwai profile as ‘SATABDI NISHA’ in April to give a vent to her creative urges during her limited free time. She started posting videos of her enacting scenes from Hindi and Bengali movies regularly. In just over a month, she has gained more than 11,700 followers. Encouraged by her followers as well as family members, she recently joined KwaiLive program, under which she hosts one-hour live chat shows on the app and entertains her audiences. Through her live stream shows, she has also earned Rs. 8,000 as gifts from her followers. Her followers frequently request her to sing melodious songs or to share her experience of gaining popularity on the Kwai app. Others ask her how does she manage time while taking care of her son and other household chores. Kwai is currently running a special Live program that increased the share of gifts to 80% for live stream hosts. Many creators have earned several thousands of Rupees by hosting just a single live show on the app. Unlike “influencers” who earn through brand endorsements, these Kwai stars earn directly from their followers who spend real money to buy virtual gifts for their favourite Kwai creators. Satabdi said that she had been able to survive the lockdown especially because of Kwai. It’s amazing that in just a month she had been able to entertain tens of thousands of people and this has motivated her to continue creating new and more engrossing videos.

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Report : Anustup Kundu


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