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Lazy Eye Preventing Process by Dr Ipsita Basu

News Desk, News Nation 360 : What lazy eye or amblyopia is. In plain English, an eye is termed lazy when the child does not see with that eye in spite of wearing glasses. Dr Ipsita Basu, the Doctor of Disha Eye Hospital is telling about the Lazy Eye Now one could say that maybe the glasses have not been given the correct Power which is preventing the eye from seeing. But even when the Power of the eye has been calculated correctly, the eye may not see at all. This is when the eye is termed lazy. To understand this further, look at an analogy. The eye functions like a mobile phone camera. Both are capable of taking pictures continuously. The phone camera takes clear selfies when it focusses well. But the pictures turn out to be blurred if it cannot focus properly. All pictures are then automatically processed by the camera & the best selfie is selected! Similarly, the brain

processes only those pictures which are clear. When the child does not wear the correct glasses, that eye fails to focus clearly. It repeatedly clicks blurred pictures and sends them to the brain. The brain, in turn, rejects these images from the faulty eye and only forwards the images from the better eye. Thus the faulty eye in spite of its ability to see cannot see! This is when the eye becomes lazy. So lazy eye is actually a problem of visual processing rather than a problem of the eyeball itself. Simple treatment and a lot of encouragement is all that is needed to treat a lazy eye. Hasn't everyone all heard of the phrase prevention is better than cure? Lazy eye can also be prevented. Encouraging all children to have an eye check-up before they start their junior school (Class 1 or 5 yrs of age) and giving them the correct powered glasses is the first step to preventing the development of lazy eyes. Surprisingly, if detected early in childhood, lazy eye can be corrected completely. A lazy eye simply needs to do more work! The power of the lazy eye is accurately corrected so that when proper glasses are worn, that eye can focus accurately and send clear pictures to the brain. However, the brain is already tuned to ignoring the images from the lazy eye and processes only the images from the better eye! 

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu