Pledge on Global Handwashing Day : Let’s Keep Hands Safe

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Despite being aware of the benefits of hand hygiene, it is rather sad that it took all a global pandemic to make it realize the importance of the same. In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, it almost seems that the pandemic is a punishment on mankind for having ignored this aspect of basic healthcare. Dr Kumar Raj, Head of Emergency Medicine, ILS Hospitals, Salt Lake advising everyone that the future is now on hands and let's keep it safe. It is not unknown that washing their hands with soap is the most effective as well as the most inexpensive way to prevent diarrhoea and acute respiratory illnesses, with the latter being a major cause of mortality among children. In order to highlight the importance of this simple act of handwashing and to motivate people to incorporate this activity as an indispensable part of their daily lives, Global Handwashing Day is observed on the 15th of October, annually. Global Handwashing Day was losing its importance in the midst of other days, as handwashing had always been dismissed carelessly as an unnecessary activity by most. However, while fighting a pandemic, the masses have finally realized that the significance of handwashing as the activity has never assumed such importance before. With a relatively new virus affecting millions around the world and the unavailability of a vaccine at hand, people are turning to handwash so as to keep the virus at bay. Thus, on this Global Handwashing Day, let's all come together and pledge to never underestimate the power of washing hands while continuing to inculcate and practise washing hands in all situations, every day of the year even after the Covid-19 pandemic becomes history. Cultivating good habits early in one’s life leads a long way ahead to a happy and healthy life. Although a child is religiously taught to wash their hands in the early days of school, this task gradually loses its importance and recedes to the background as the child grows up. The campaign of promoting handwashing was initiated to reduce child mortality rate that came from diarrheal and respiratory diseases by simply washing one’s hands with soap and keeping them well sanitized. Currently, children and people all around the globe at large should be motivated to make handwashing a regular habit, something that is performed in between shifting activities. Schools should keep highlighting the importance of washing hands, and along with that, one’s family should actively participate in making hand hygiene an integral part of their routine. It is with such consolidated efforts, that the practice of maintaining hand hygiene they are providing a space for all types of waste products here. Laptop, old mobile phone, metal and all types of products will be kept that can be recycled. They also have another objective in mind, They should not waste any products, that itself is the key to sustainable development. In Newtown, they have been persuading people to do segregation of solid waste at the source though they are trying a lot. It is necessary to learn it on a continuous basis so there are training room, one donation room, self-learning room AV room and display and sale counter and they can see for themselves how waste can be put to use. They are a way to go to achieve a zero-waste society. They have plans to promote the project by creating an online portal and linking with the existing ones. KSCH has also planned to organize several workshops in regular interval to promote the idea among the mass. They also designed multiple community engagement activities for the Newtown residents on the same as well.

Report : Anustup Kundu

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